Facebook Post/Photo Emoticons PACK

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Facebook Post/Photo Link can't be Empty
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In a couple of hours you could have tens of thousands of emoticons on your Facebook Post/Photo. To get the direct link just click on the time stamp that is below the post, your browser will open the post in a new tab. The url in the new tab will contain the direct link to the photo/post.

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Choose your emoticons: Love – Haha – Wow – Sad – Angry

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Please remember the following requirements:

  • The post/photo has to be public until the end of the service

25 Emoticons, 50 Emoticons, 100 Emoticons, 200 Emoticons, 500 Emoticons, 1000 Emoticons, 2000 Emoticons, 5000 Emoticons


Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry